Bluerange — your partner in migrating and managing Office 365, so you can focus on your business.

Bluerange Consulting Services for Office 365 is a suite of advisory, transformation, and ongoing management services. We assist clients with Office 365 migration and strategic ways of consuming Office 365 capabilities such as cloud-based email and collaboration services. Our extensive set of Office 365 migration tools and methodologies combined with user adoption strategies ensure that email and data are migrated quickly and seamlessly to the cloud.

In addition, Bluerange has partnered with Microsoft to develop a tightly integrated, end-to-end delivery model so clients can get the support they need quickly and focus their efforts on running their business.

Services for Office 365 helps enterprise and public sector clients rapidly identify and overcome challenges in moving to Office 365. Bluerange’s significant experience and our deep, long-term partnership with Microsoft provides clients accelerated time-to-value of their Office 365 investment, as well as an integrated, co-located delivery team that provides rapid incident response and resolution to reduce business disruption.

Key benefits

  • A single point of accountability — Bluerange works closely with Microsoft teams to handle, resolve and communicate any incidents rapidly
  • Minimize business disruption — Reduce implementation risk by leveraging a proven methodology for transforming main workloads, as well as for the supporting eco-system (authentication, network, devices, applications)
  • Comprehensive support — from Office 365 to legacy, on-premises environments
  • More choice — over the location of your applications and data to support local regulations and data privacy requirements

Implementing Office 365 enterprise can be a substantial challenge because of the logistical and technical complexities it introduces to most IT environments. Start your Office 365 transition with help from Bluerange’s Office 365 Consulting team. Identify business value, examine and gain visibility into your current state, balance demand between your strategic and tactical initiatives, and set priorities to discover and explore the possibilities.

You’ll also benefit from Bluerange’s Detailed Deployment Workshop for Office 365. You’ll get your plan rolling so you can start moving your business to Office 365 with less risk, more upside and a faster return on investment.

Bluerange helps clients of nearly any size identify and overcome challenges and complexities in moving workloads to Office 365. Employees get the support and training they need to realize their productivity potential on Office 365.