Bluerange Green Data Center

Cloud Hosting Services with a down to Earth Approach. We make remote technology seem close, simple and personal.

Our mission is to provide hosting services with a focus on the person.

It might sound strange, but we think it’s the obvious choice since our services are provided to people who want to provide benefits to other people. We supply developers with competent deployment, system owners with reliable function and users with an efficient, dependable service.

Therefore we take our business personally.

Our durable solutions are also fully sustainable

We want to make a difference. Who doesn’t? We want to do things right, not only by delivering outstanding hosting services but also by giving back to the environment while doing it. Our circular oriented, sustainable business philosophy is best for both people and nature, and very likely a good long-term solution for you.

  • Built 2008
  • Fire Resistance E120
  • 24/7 guarded surveillance
  • Fire and combustion protecting system
  • UPS combined with a 96 hours Backup Diesel Generator
  • We use soley “green” energy coming from wind and hydroelectric power sources.
  • Efficient rack-integrated cooling is supplied from our local, deep lake Vättern.
  • We recycle wherever possible and reach a 0.2 Primary Energy Factor (80% of our consumption comes from energy recycling)
  • Redundant high-speed networks
  • Bluerange possesses a full peering/BGP protocol – fully vendor independent


  • Virtualization through VMware
  • Redundant Storage and off site replication
  • Service Provider for VMware, IBM, Microsoft
  • Built on HP Technology

Data Center brochure

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