Cloud-based Industry Solution for the Auto Retail market

Bluerange is a leading IT services provider to automotive, industrial and high tech firms, we combine deep expertise in manufacturing, connected products, analytics, and security to help clients drive innovation.

Tailored solutions

Microsoft Solutions offers a secure, scalable and flexible platform, enabling you to maximise efficiencies, ensure customer loyalty, develop new products and services, and achieve operational excellence. We recognise that each manufacturing business has different needs. You need solutions tailored to distinct processes. Bluerange provides vertical solutions with specialised functionality so you don’t need to make modifications.

Deliver operational excellence

Optimise your manufacturing operations to drive business agility by connecting production resources together. Get information and insights that help you simplify production floor management so you can supervise staff, manage production jobs, and monitor progress on the floor. Accelerate product introductions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Bluerange with easy to create templates, and simple ways to approve products for production. Gather information in a single place to understand customer needs and collaborate among internal teams to improve time to market.

Crucial factors to the success of industrial IoT in manufacturing

As manufacturers digitally transform their value chains, connected devices will play a major role. Getting it right requires a laser focus on some key areas.

  • Business benefits
  • Strategic alignment
  • Business process focus
  • Operating model changes
  • End-to-end security

Early discussions about IoT primarily focused on the technology and what it could do, rather than on the business value IIoT could deliver. This is not surprising; IoT technologies’ cool factor has clearly captured people’s attention. More recently, the conversations have shifted to the variety of business benefits IIoT can deliver.