Optimize for greater efficiency and profitability

Freight and logistics companies face new demands for complete, end-to-end visibility into the supply chain as consumer expectations change. Public transport companies have an additional challenge in providing seamless, multimodal, flexible passenger travel.

While challenging, these industry drivers create opportunities for integration and shared systems that can improve consumer experience and business outcomes.

Drive operational efficiencies and on-time, defect-free transportation services.

Drive operational efficiencies and on-time, defect-free transportation services.

In the transportation industry, thin margins and fierce competition are driving companies to digitize their global supply chain to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, limit damage and loss, and increase on-time performance.

Whether the mode of transportation is trucking, rail, ocean or air, the mission of a transportation service provider is a simple one: Get the product from point A to point B as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.
But there’s nothing simple about a transportation supply chain. In the trucking industry, complex shipment consolidation in regional hubs is labor intensive and inefficient. Freight gets lost, damaged or stolen. Driver and equipment availability fails to meet fluctuating demand. Trailer loads aren’t optimized for utilization and don’t maximize profitability. Then there are unanticipated real-time events such as bad weather, traffic snarls, wildfires, and others, that can wreak havoc on routing schedules.
With vast experience in the travel and transportation industry, Bluerange understands the challenges that carriers face.