Bluerange Green Data Center

Bluerange Designs and implements publishing management solution for global industrial corporation

About the project

Leading German Smart Energy technology company FläktGroup, wants to improve partners and clients experience throughout all touch-points and increase its brand visibility globally. FläktGroup’s sales is north of €700M and the group covers more than 65 countries worldwide, employs some 4,000 people in 16 factories.

Bluerange has developed a completely new design, in addition a Publishing Management Solution updating several websites simultaneously. The solution manages several websites – both external websites for FläktGroup, for a variety of local companies, mobile solutions, as well as internal web portals for information management and collaboration.

The Publishing Management Solution is designed to make information management as streamlined as possible, facilitating local web solutions to inherit content from the global website, to further reduce workload and most importantly to ensure that all sites are up to date instantaneously.

In addition to the publishing tool, Bluerange manages FläktGroup’s Servers based out of the Bluerange Green Data Center providing helpdesk for all countries in the Group.

“We are growing rapidly on the global marketplace and its of great importance to get appropriate content to our clients and partners. The Bluerange Publishing Management Solution enables us to improve our brand visibility cross our many international platforms utilizing our corporate message, content and design.

–  Anders Mårtensson, Global Marketing President, FläktGroup.” 


  • Numerous Global Websites
  • Create and deliver content in a short timeframe
  • Design and functionality challenges


  • New digital footprint and design
  • Publishing Management Solution updating several websites simultaneously
  • Bluerange Hosting and Helpdesk monitoring all global websites


  • Increased visibility crosses all territories
  • Improved experience for the FläktGroup organization
  • Vast impact in speed of delivering correct content to global markets
  • Improved brand visibility