The team behind Bluerange

To say that a lot has changed in the world of technology since our founding in 1996, would be a remarkable understatement. What was once science fiction or ideas on a whiteboard, are now our realities.

From our inception, as custom software consultants and developers, we embraced the adage, innovate or vacate! So as the needs of our clients evolved over the years and simple problems turned into complex challenges, innovation became part of our culture. Our daily lives really. Whether it’s delivering services, data visualization or cloud-based solutions, we are committed to delivering the right solutions today to meet the business challenges of tomorrow.

Averaging 10+ years of seniority in the industry, combined with many more years of full-time custom technology problem-solving experts, we only need to look within to find the right people to offer the right solution. No outsourcing. No jobbers. Just people we trust to deliver on our promises to our clients.

Our approach is straight-forward. We strive to provide simple, yet effective solutions and have the customer thrilled that we became part of their team.

So the next time you have a critical business issue to solve and need a solution provider with years of proven technical knowledge and experience, give us a call.